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Note: Please have your cable box model number ready when calling. You can obtain the model number by looking on the bottom of the cable box you are renting from your cable company or by contacting a neighbor or friend in your city that is on your cable system and asking them for their model number. Model numbers generally begin with a CFT,DPBB,DPV,86,85 or BA  


What exactly is A Unmodified CATV descrambler box converter?

Unmodified means the box has not been tampered with in any way to force it to receive unauthorized pay channels from any cable operator. No decoder kits have been installed in the boxes we sell.
Usefull purposes include but are not limited to:
Plasma TV owners must use some type of signal decoding device to send the signal to the plasma TV since most plasmas do not come with a built in tuner. The signal coming from the cable company must be decoded or tuned in so that you can see a viewable picture on your screen. These boxes will not decode any unauthorized premium or pay per view channels. Many others on the internet sell the boxes that will get all of the pay channels but the boxes we sell will not.


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